Rotary D3450 Group Study Exchange 2012-13 from district 3450 hong kong/macao/mongolia to district 9640 QLD/NSW australia

RC of Hong Kong Harbour

The Rotary Club of Hong Kong Harbour was chartered in 1987 . With a membership of 28 at present, the club like many other rotary clubs,  has both male and female members from various professions including lawyers, accountants, engineers, doctors, government  officials etc.

The club has been active in international service, community service  and youth service. It has one sister club in Malaysia, two in Taiwan, and has  formed  one interact club and one rotaract club for youth service. The Rotary Year 2010 -11 was a memorable year to the Club. It was awarded “Rotary Club of The Year” in District 3450 . While the club is also active in district activities, about one fifth of its members are now serving as district officers, and PP Belinda Yeung has been elected as the District Governor Nominee of year 2013-14.

Signature projects of the Club

During the Rotary Year 2010-11, the club raised over one million Hong Kong dollars, built 10 village clinics for the Guizhou province of the People’s Republic of China, and gave finance assistance to the village doctors for 3 years. This year, the Club was glad to have obtained  a Matching Grant  from The Rotary Foundation for a project of providing a multi-sensory activity room in Hong Kong. The project is meant to help early development  of children identified with learning difficulties to be returned to regular schools.

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